We require all pupils to wear school uniform. Our school colours are green and gold. During term time parents can purchase uniform from School Time:

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School Time

Telephone: 01634 831684
23 Railway Street, Chatham, Kent. ME4HU 

email: info@schooltime.co.uk

School jumpers, cardigans and T-shirts carry the school name. Any orders made via School Time can be delivered directly to school for collection.

  Uniform (boys and girls)
  • Bottle green V-necked jumper, sleeveless jumper, cardigan or school sweatshirt
  • White collared polo type school T-shirt with logo or white school shirt with school tie
  • Grey trousers, skirt or tunic
  • Optional: fleece and/or school coat (both with school logo)
  • White collared polo type school T-shirt with logo or white short sleeved shirt with school tie
  • Grey trousers (long or short)
  • Grey skirt, tunic or green/white gingham school dress

       School Book Bag

  • Bottle green round necked school T-shirt with school logo
  • Bottle green shorts
  • Plimsolls (black elasticated) or trainers
  • Optional: tracksuit
Art & design


*Children should have a suitable change of clothing for PE (e.g. shorts and T-shirt). PE clothing should be contained in a clearly named green draw-string bag (available through ‘School Time’).

All items of uniform and PE clothing should be clearly and individually marked with the child’s name.

Jewellery: The wearing of jewellery at school is prohibited, other than watches and earrings. These MUST be removed for all games and PE etc. All other forms of jewellery should be removed BEFORE coming to school. Staff are NOT permitted to remove or replace earrings. If you were considering having your child’s ears pierced please do so at the beginning of the summer holiday to allow time for the studs to be taken out. The school cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping of watches or earrings.

Hairbands: All hairbands and hair ties should be conservative in both size and design, and ideally be bottle green in colour.