Parents Association (FOSS)

Friends of Shorne School (FOSS) is the name of Shorne Church of England Primary School’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The main objective of our PTA is to raise funds to advance the education of pupils by providing and/or assisting in the provision of facilities, equipment and experiences that extend their learning.

During 2014 – 2015 a grand total of over £30,000 was spent on activities, new equipment, essential school items, events and outings for the children to enjoy. This was the result of the hard work of the FOSS team, the support of the parents and the teachers of the school donating time and money to the fundraising events throughout the year. As a small school with a limited budget, this money makes a huge difference to the school. Here is a few examples of how we spent some of the money:

  • Play Therapy cabin for specialist 1 to 1 therapeutic sessions
  • 15 New laptops for the computing suite
  • Sports Kit for competitions
  • Football goals
  • Climbing equipment on the school field
  • Maths equipment
  • Year 6’s Matilda theatre trip
  • KS1 & 2 Christmas parties

We are an open group, welcoming new members no matter how much time individuals can commit. You don’t have to come to every meeting or get involved with every single event. The more people we have offering a little help here and there, the wider we can spread the workload and easier it becomes.If you are a parent or member of staff at the school please take the time find us on our FOSS Facebook group page. Please just send a request or ask another parent to add you and you will be added. The page is used for reminders about all the large events as well as cake sales, requests for help and small every day questions about things like sports day, dinner menus etc.

Our two big events of the year are the Summer Fete and the Christmas Bazaar. We are trying to support the school with their technological vision for the future by funding new laptops and interactive boards for the classrooms. Other events include: Krispy Kreme donut sale; Easter Egg hunt; Non School Uniform days; Sale of second hand uniform; School Discos; Bake sales; Picnic on the Green  (see below); Children’s film night; The Mother’s and Father’s Day gift shop; Friday tuck shop.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported the school, past and present and look forward to this year’s exciting events.

FOSS: Mrs Turner (Chair) Mrs Taylor (Secretary) Mrs Wood (Treasurer)

Summer fete - 29th June 2019


Picnic on the Green