At Shorne School, we intend to create confident writers who develop stamina for writing throughout school. We aim for all of our children to be independent writers, building on a range of skills as they work through each journey of writing and for them to be able to write for a range of purposes and audiences. Throughout this journey, we ensure the children are immersed in a range of genres and have a clear understanding of purpose. Our children will have a secure understanding of the purpose of a text type, the intended impact of writing skills/tools and the ability to carefully select vocabulary with careful attention to the desired effect on the readers’ thoughts and feelings. Children are challenged and encouraged to take risks and view mistakes as part of the learning process. Children should always set high expectations for themselves where they take pride in all aspects of learning and in everything they produce. 

As the National Curriculum for English is divided into Reading and Writing, the two documents below provide information about what children study in each year group.

Also, back in September 2017, we introduced the Accelerated Reading (AR) scheme for years 2 – 6. A copy of the presentation to parents can also be accessed below – further information is available in the Children section of the web site under Library.

English - Reading


Accelerated Reading presentation to parents


English - Writing