School Prayers

These School Prayers were written by Amy Gaymer

Dear God

Thank you for all the new beginnings in the world.

We thank the teachers for helping us to learn each and every day at school.

Teaching and guiding us to learn new things each week,

working together to the best of our ability.

Thank you for loving us for ourselves as we are, for what we are and for what we do.

No matter how different and unique we are to you, we are all equal.




Dear God

We thank you for our school

And all of those who work here

As we begin the new week

May it be a safe place where we love to learn

And where we learn to love and respect each other

Help our minds grow in learning new things

Experience opportunities and create new beginnings

As we grow into our own unique person that you would be proud of

Thank you that you love each and everyone of us as we are




The Lord’s Prayer

A number of classes have been looking at the ‘signed’ version of the Lord’s Prayer. You can access a powerpoint copy of the presentation they used below.

The Lord's Prayer