In School

Collective Worship

At Shorne Church of England Primary School, Collective Worship is a key feature of school life. Our daily Christian worship helps strengthen and support the Christian character of the school and is led by members of staff and our Faith Leaders. We follow the Rochester Diocese plans alongside stories from the Bible linked to our own school values – respect through love, perseverance through faith and achievement through learning. During worship, we also have time to reflect on ourselves and our school.

On Mondays, our local vicar, Revd Ted Hurst, leads our Collective Worship. On Fridays, our Collective Worship time is known as Shining Stars. During this time certificates are awarded based on one of our Christian values of respect, perseverance and achievement to one child in each class. The names of the children who receive certificates will be published in the Achievements section of the website.  


Faith Leaders

Faith Leaders is a group of children who help with aspects of worship in school. Our senior faith leaders are :

Lucinda Stiling, Yusuph Bokth, Selian Sidhu

Our Faith Leaders help teachers and Father Ted to prepare whole school worship. They do this together by choosing and reading our daily prayer, selecting the hymns to match the theme for the week and leading classes into the hall calmly ready to begin their worship. Faith Leaders also play an important role when we are at church by ensuring everything is ready and helping with any extra special roles. 



Collective Worship Policy

Collective Worship Policy