Support Groups

The school provides a wide range of additional help and support for children both within and outside timetabled lesson time. This includes support and/or intervention for those with specific, identified needs and sessions to stretch and challenge those with particular skills and aptitudes.

Support and Intervention

Children can be referred for assessment /targeted/specialist support provided by a range of different interventions and activities. These referrals are usually made through the child’s teacher, SENCO or via external agencies such as GP’s, Social Services etc.

  group*    description     staff    where 

Play Therapy

additional emotional support through play

Mrs E. Jessop

The Cabin
Lego Therapy

social development and communication difficulties

  Logan’s Den

Balance, Education and Movement

Mrs C.Knowles

Logan’s Den
Clever Fingers  Fine motor skills Mrs Fl.Hooper  
Talk Boost  Language and communication skills

Mrs C.Knowles

Mrs Fl.Hooper


* for KS1 and KS2 unless stated otherwise


Skills and aptitudes

The school also caters for children who can benefit from working in small groups to extend their knowledge and understanding – often based on specific skills or curriculum areas. Some are recommended by their class teacher whilst others are open to all. Some are held in every term, others at specific times during the school year. For more information please look at Clubs and Activities (Children section); under specific subjects (Curriculum section) and here at the beginning of term in September.