A copy of the School Attendance Policy can be accessed below – to view the full range of School Policies please look under ‘Our School’ on the main menu. Further information relating to attendance will be posted here later this week, including weekly attendance figures.

Attendance for Term 6 week ending 13th July

Class %
Class R     98.3 
Class 1 97.3
Class 2 96.3
Class 3 94.7
Class 4 96.1
Class 5 100.00
Class 6 97.6
Overall 97.2


TERM 5 overall attendance:

Class 6 had the best attendance for the term 5. Their  non-uniform day for this term, plus another as joint winners in Term 5 which had to be rearranged, are Friday 13th July and Thursday 19th July.

School Attendance Policy