Head of School

Although we are approaching the end of Term 6 (where has the time gone?) the children are still being treated to some amazing activities and experiences as a class or a whole school.

Last week we held Inspiration Week and were blessed to not only have some fantastic activities planned by the teachers but some great external visitors to boot!  We kicked off the week with our Race for Life and a visit from Arsenal legend Alan Smith (now the voice of FIFA!). Classes then looked at what inspiration means and focused on certain individuals, looking at what makes them inspirational and how they have affected the lives of many.  Later in the week we had a visit from Steve Frew, a Scottish Gymnast.  It was great to see the children engaged in his brilliantly-run circuit training sessions and he gave a truly inspiring presentation in our Collective Worship.  Friday saw coaches day where the children were given taster sessions in different sports by the staff ‘coaches’.  I overheard one child say that it was the best day ever!

This week I am looking forward to the Summer fete (weather permitting). A lot of effort goes in to organising such an amazing event, and FOSS have been busy behind the scenes making sure that this year will be no exception.  I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Tara Hewett, Head of School



Growth Mindset Workshop


Behaviour Workshop Presentation