Head of School

In the final message of the school year I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘thank you’ to ALL parents for your support which has been more important than ever throughout these challenging times. 

Thank you for all the emails and positive feedback that we have received both for the school and specific staff which are always appreciated. 

I would like to thank ALL the staff and governors who have worked incredibly hard for your children and the school during these unprecedented times.

May I take this opportunity to thank Mr Cokell, Mrs Reid and Mrs Hooper for their time and dedication to Shorne School.  Mr Cokell and Mrs Reid, although they have only been at Shorne School for a small amount of time, have been a positive attribute to the team and we wish them luck for the future and their new adventures.  Mrs Hooper has been a dedicated member of staff for ten years and I know will be greatly missed by many pupils and her colleagues.  We wish Mrs Hooper lots of good luck for the future.  

As previously shared we have three new members of staff who we are pleased to welcome to the team in September – Mrs Wanmer, Mrs Bath and Miss Paul. 

Thank you to FOSS who have continued to work extremely hard throughout this academic year to raise a significant amount of money for the school.  We hope to continue with fund raising events as soon as we are able to again.


Year six

We say goodbye to our fantastic Year 6 children who are moving on to the next chapter in their lives.  They have been a superb class, showing determination, and support for each other and acted as role models.  Although the class have not had the usual events and celebrations over the last few months at Shorne they have demonstrated resilience and a mature attitude to the current situation.  We wish them well for their exciting next step to secondary school. I would also like to say a big thank you for the support given by the Year 6 parents, especially to those families who will be leaving us.

We are hoping to hold a Trust Leavers’ Service at Canterbury Cathedral in November.  Details of this will be shared with you when we have confirmation.


Plans for September 2020

As you are aware the Government announced that all year groups are to return to school in September 2020.  The plans are currently being discussed at Trust level and will be shared with you when they have been finalised.

According to the guidance Shorne Primary School will create bubbles – please see the link below for more information.


There are still many points and questions that I know will be raised including bringing bookbags, PE bags and equipment into school and timings for school drop off and collection of children in September. These will be answered when the final plans have been agreed.

In the meantime all children, upon return to school, will be expected to wear full school uniform. 

Dinners will be provided by TCS and due to the current situation they will be providing a packed lunch rather than hot meal.  If you do not wish your child to have a school packed lunch you are able to provide your child with a packed lunch from home instead.


School Reports

We hope that you enjoyed reading your child’s report. We have enjoyed reading your responses, thank you. There are still a number of Google surveys not completed so please take the time to complete the online survey if you have not done so already.


And Finally…

Have a very safe and fun holiday break.  We are sure that this year parents, as well as children, will enjoy the break from online learning!  We do appreciate how well our parents support us and how lucky we are to have such great teamwork from you.  Thank you to our many parent helpers who have helped out in school hearing readers, accompanied us on trips or transported children to sporting events. I would like to end by saying a very big thank you to every member of staff at Shorne Primary School who make it such a great place to work and such an excellent place for your children to come to school.


Be True to You

As you set out on life’s road
unsure of the path you’ll go,
the most important thing you can do
is to always be true to “you”

Always remember who you are
in moments of struggle or fear.
Never forget or give up on
the hopes and dreams you hold dear
There will be setbacks and rejection
and moments of failure too,
but you must overcome any frustration
to achieve the potential of you.
Don’t forget to smile, or laugh,
or to live in the present;
no matter where life takes you
make every memory pleasant.
As you travel along your journey,
know that you’re never alone.


Happy Holidays!

Tara Hewett

Head of School


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