Head of School

Dear Parents/carers,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Just to confirm, for the week beginning Monday 4th May we are continuing to provide provision for the children of key workers at St Botolph’s Primary school. Please contact the Shorne School office should you require this provision (office@shorne.kent.sch.uk).

Google Classroom

Thank you to those of you that took the time to complete the Google Classroom survey. Once the data has been compiled, we will be able to study your feedback and make any necessary adjustments/changes if required moving forward.

Shining Stars

Shining Stars will be announced via Google Classroom on Monday. Our Shining Stars are those children who demonstrate our Christian Values of Respect, Achievement and Perseverance.

Microsoft Teams

We hope that this afternoon your children enjoyed their first catch up with their class teacher and other members of their class on the Microsoft Teams chat.

Just Sing

This week Mrs Hunt and Mrs Forbes have been working on a virtual school song and dance project. The song entitled ‘Just Sing’ is from the latest Trolls World Tour movie. Mrs Hunt, our dance teacher, has broken the song down into sections for each class to learn. Over the course of the week those children who wanted to get involved have filmed a short clip of themselves either dancing or singing to sections of the song relevant to their class.

Hopefully lots of Shorne pupils have got involved and sent their video clips back to their teachers. Once all the editing has been completed and we have one big video we will be able to share the finished product with you all. It should be amazing!

Rainbow of Hope

I hope you all received the information about Shorne School’s ‘Rainbow of Hope’ this week. Once we are all reunited and back at school this will be assembled and displayed in the school hall.

Just to remind you that the flower itself is to be no bigger than an A5 piece of paper and the colours for each class are as follows.

Red: Year 6 and Year R

Orange: Year 5

Yellow: Year 4

Green: Year 3

Blue: Year 2

Purple: Year 1

Pink: Staff

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

With best regards.

Tara Hewett

Head of School


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