Head of School

Dear parents and carers,

In the final message of the school year I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to ALL parents and carers for your support which has again been more important than ever throughout these ongoing challenging times.

Thank you for all the emails and positive feedback that we have received both for the school and specific staff which are always appreciated.

I would like to thank ALL the staff and governors who have worked incredibly hard for your children and the school during this last academic year.

Whilst writing I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Pope, Miss Paul and Mrs Wanmer for their time and dedication to Shorne School before they leave us and to wish them well for the future and to Mrs Bath for her flexibility in the last year. As previously advised we are welcoming Mr Farnell back to Shorne School who will be teaching Class 4.

Thank you to FOSS who have continued to work extremely hard throughout this last year and have still managed to raise a significant amount of money for the school.

Thanks also go to Mrs Wilson for running the school Second Hand Uniform shop as she has successfully raised £105.00 in the last year.

Year six
We say goodbye to our fantastic Year 6 children who are moving on to the next chapter in their lives. They have been a superb class, showing determination and support for each other. Although the class have not managed the complete line up of Year 6 events this year, Mr Woodcock successfully hosted a Glamping Weekend at school for them where I know that they had the very best time and made memories to last a lifetime. We wish them well for their exciting next step to secondary school.

We also say goodbye to a lot of families this year, many of whom have had links at Shorne for a number of years with older siblings having attended the school. We will miss you all!

Plans for September 2021
According to recent announcements ‘bubbles’ in schools will stop from Monday 16th August 2021. However, the Trust Management Board still need to align in their approach for continued use of ‘bubbles’. Information will be sent out before the beginning of the new term regarding any changes to be made and with regard to opening and closing times.

School Improvement Plan 2021-2022
As always there will be a reflection of good practice and areas for development. A School Improvement Plan will be written and shared with all stakeholders which will link to policies, procedures, curriculum and monitoring. The elements of this plan that are relevant will be shared with you in more detail at certain times of the academic year. Actions will include a parental survey, consultation and sharing of updated/new policies and any curriculum adjustments that may be needed.

School Reports
We hope that you enjoyed reading your child’s report.

Summer holiday activities – Reconnect
The Kent community is uniting to give children and young people a summer of fun and opportunities and to help them get ahead as we emerge from the COVID Pandemic. They want our children and young people to reconnect with friends and family, get ahead in their learning and be physically and mentally healthy.

From free bus travel and discounted 6-week leisure centre passes through to summer learning and a guide to what’s on, Reconnect has something for children and young people of all ages. To discover more please visit the Reconnect website:


And Finally…

The children have had a very exciting end to the school year this week by receiving a surprise guest visit from James Okulaja, an ex-pupil at Shorne School and one of this year’s finalists on ITV’s The Voice. James very kindly offered to come in and sing to the children which they absolutely loved!

May I wish you all a very safe and enjoyable summer break. We do appreciate how well our parents support us and how lucky we are to have such great teamwork from you. ?I would like to end by saying a very big thank you to each and every member of staff at Shorne Primary School. Once again they have worked tirelessly, made continual adaptations and adjustments to working life and at the end of the day contribute to making the school such an excellent place for your children to come to school.

Happy Holidays!

With best regards.

Tara Hewett
Head of School

Great Endings And New Beginnings

On this day of all days,
Is a day of great endings.
The start of new beginnings,
Many wishes to be sent.

Some say goodbye to great friendships,
And teachers alike.
Start to make new friendships,
And see life with new sight.

Your journey awaits you,
You will take with you what you learnt,
And with each new day coming,
New lessons will be earned.

Although it’s time to move on,
To a new stage in your journey.
Your time spent learning
Will be a gift that was meant to be.

A new chapter is about to begin,
Stars have no choice but to shine,
so why be any different?
Congratulations on Your Accomplishment!

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