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Poppy Winslade: Shorne School Poem

Our amazing year 5 student, Poppy Winslade, wrote this beautiful poem all about our school.
Shorne School:
We always feel like we can’t get out of bed,
tiredness and dreams fill our head,
about going to Shorne School (the best school ever).
At Shorne School pupils leave feeling clever,
pack up your bags get ready to go,
Shorne School helps us to grow.
Everyone comes skipping in every day,
parents wish they could just stay.
There’s classes from YrR – Yr6,
but Covid 19 had stopped us being able to mix.
It’s nearly break (time for a snack!),
we charge out the door in one big pack.
Pupils sit in the hall ready for lunch,
some of us eat quick and forget to munch.
It’s the end of the day,
the sun’s going away,
time for pupils to have to go,
you can see their emotions they can show.
This poem shows how it great it can be,
to go to Shorne School just like me!
Thank you for your beautiful words Poppy.
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