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Dance Video Update

Dear Parents/carers,

We were quite literally overwhelmed with the response that we received from the children for Art Week that recently took place.  Thank you to all the children who sent in their beautiful pieces of artwork.  Hopefully, by now, most of you will have seen the Art Exhibition that has been uploaded to the school website. 

However, I would like you to be mindful of the fact that as we have 210 children in the school it is not physically possible to share every single piece of work.

I am very sorry if this led to some upset of not all the work being included.  The exhibition was solely intended to be a snapshot across the whole school and to provide a general impression of the different pieces that were sent in.

The same is also going to apply for the forthcoming dance video.  Thank you to everyone that has taken part and sent in a video clip but once more not everyone will be able to be included. 

Please know that we are trying our very best to continually think of different ways to include, connect and unite the children during these unprecedented times.  They may not ultimately feature in the dance video but it is another way of bringing them together to celebrate not only their own but each other’s efforts as well.  

Thank you.

With best regards.

Tara Hewett

Head of School

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