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A Day to Celebrate being me!

Dear Parents and carers,

On Tuesday 8th June, the pupils at Shorne school will be focusing on themselves. This day of celebration will be known as ‘A day to celebrate being me!’

The rationale of this is to involve and empower pupils. Striking a balance between celebrating our differences and the belief that despite these differences that people have more in common than they may believe.

On this day, the children are invited to dress in something that is special to them, such as a club kit or a cultural outfit that they may wear outside of school. They are also invited to bring in anything that they would like to share with their class to tell their class more about them and what is special about their lives out of school and the things they love to do.

The class teachers will be planning age appropriate activities.

Every pupil deserves to enjoy their school days in the most fulfilling, happy and rewarding way possible . Pupils can learn so much by being carefully taught to respect and understand the rich diversity of people and cultures in this country and that can start in the classroom.

By celebrating diversity in the classroom, there is hope that we can build a more tolerant, respectful and understanding society going forward on both a local level and potentially further afield. Remember that we are all part of something larger and we grow stronger by supporting everyone.

With best regards.

Tara Hewett
Head of School

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