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This year Shorne Primary School are changing the name of Sports Week to Inspiration Week which will commence on Monday 17 June 2019.

In light of this we would like to take the opportunity to invite school parents/carers or even family members/friends who have an inspirational story that they would be willing to share with the children.

We want to show the children that it is not just famous people such as footballers who can be inspirational but the people in their own everyday lives who are a real living example of positivity, creativity, individuality, with a determination to make a difference and succeed and the sort of person that they can live up to.

We are aware that people have many different reasons for setting themselves personal goals and aspirations throughout their lives. New possibilities can be awakened at any age for many different reasons that we never thought existed and it is these attributes that we would like you to share.

If you know someone or indeed have the time to come into school yourself to share your inspirational story please make contact via the school office or contact Mr Woodcock directly by email at MrWoodcock@shorne.kent.sch.uk.

Your time and contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.