Children are continually assessed during their time at Shorne School. Teachers assess children’s work daily, both informally and more formally. Marking gives children clear feedback and challenges to help them improve – see marking and feedback policy. Dialogue between children and teachers happens constantly and teachers are very astute at knowing what the next steps are for children to further their learning.

Formal pupil progress meetings happen once a term. This is where teachers meet with the Headteacher and the School Improvement Officer to review the progress that all children have made that term. Strategies for improving progress are discussed and targets set for the following term.

Formal assessments happen in class each seasonal term to enable teachers to see how children perform in English and mathematics tests. The results of these tests inform the pupil progress meetings.

The Headteacher reports to governors at each governing body meeting about the progress children are making and governors ask challenging questions and hole the leadership of the school to account if improvement is needed.

At the end of year 2 and year 6 children are assessed nationally. In year 2 the tests are administered by the teacher over a specified period of time. In year 6 the assessments take place during one week in May. These tests are called Standard Assessment Tests (SAT’s). The results of these tests are used by the Department for Education and Ofsted to form a view on how the school is performing.