Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

SEND Co-ordinator: Mrs Kate Doerr senco@shorne.kent.sch.uk

My name is Mrs Kate Doerr and I am the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENCO) at Shorne Church of England Primary Academy. I am a qualified teacher, having taught at Shorne for 11 years, and have previously carried out the role of SENDCo at Shorne.

My aim is to ensure that any Special Educational Needs or Disabilities a child may have been identified and then to ensure that as a school we do everything possible to break down barriers to learning and meet their specific needs. All the staff here are extremely proud of our inclusive learning environment and our broad and balanced curriculum which aims to bring out the best in all learners. In addition to the Class Teachers, we have a strong team of support staff who are highly skilled in working with children with a range of different needs. Our pastoral team includes a play therapist as well as staff trained in other therapies, for example, Drawing and Talking and Dog Mentoring. We have a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) who also works in partnership with children, their parents or carers and any outside agencies to ensure that we achieve the best for all the children we work with.

The majority of children will require some level of additional support during their time in school. This may include support for: specific areas of learning, speech and language, social and emotional and/or with a physical disability. For most children, this support can be accommodated by changes in the whole class provision or by short group or one to one interventions. Some children, however, will require different or additional provisions and after discussions with parents/carers will be identified as having a Special Educational Need or Disability.

For further information please see our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy below.

If you have any concerns about your child the best place to start is by talking to their Class Teacher who will know your child well. If you continue to have concerns I will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns. I am in school every Wednesday and Thursday but can be contacted at other times via email: senco@shorne.kent.sch.uk.

Support and Intervention

The school provides a wide range of additional help and support for children both within and outside timetabled lesson time. This includes support and/or intervention for those with specific, identified needs and sessions to stretch and challenge those with particular skills and aptitudes. Children can be referred for assessment /targeted/specialist support provided by a range of different interventions and activities. These referrals are usually made through the child’s teacher, SENCo or via external agencies such as GP’s or Social Services.



Play Therapy

additional emotional support through play

Lego Therapy

social development and communication difficulties


Balance, Education, and Movement

Clever Fingers

 Fine motor skills

Talk Boost

 Language and communication skills


Skills and aptitudes

The school also caters for children who can benefit from working in small groups to extend their knowledge and understanding – often based on specific skills or curriculum areas. Some are recommended by their class teacher whilst others are open to all. Some are held in every term, others at specific times during the school year.  Should you consider this approach would benefit your child, do get in contact in the first instance with your child’s class teacher.

SEND Newsletter

April 2022


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SEND Policy

SEND Policy