Roles and Responsibilities

Many of our children, especially those in Year 6, take on specific roles and responsibilities during the school year. They are chosen during September in Term 1 each year.

Head Boy: Niluxaan Balamurani     Head Girl: M.O.

One of the most important job roles at Shorne School is our Head Boy and Head Girl. They are given a varied range of responsibilities throughout the year including leading our church services, presenting the food collection from harvest to the food bank, attending ECO and School Council meetings and, most importantly, modelling the high expectations we have for behaviour around the school.  

House Captains

  • Copperfield: Kai Boora & Henry Gaston
  • Havisham: Max Miller & Jolene Mottl
  • Nickleby:Joe Clarke & Harry Steggles
  • Pickwick: Sam Corps & Isabella Winter-Nolan

House captains are in charge of promoting our school values and positive behaviour. They collect and calculate the school’s house points and keep a track of the winning houses throughout the year. They also have the very important job role of leading their house out for sports day.

School Council Representatives:

  • Year 6 Olivia Bell & Ella Wilson 
  • Year 5 Charlie Bateman-Solly & Lucy Timberlake
  • Year 4 Isla Lucas and Reiss Gill
  • Year 3 Lily Smith & Ray Martin
  • Year 2 Remy Diprose & Harley Smith
  • Year 1 Sienna Haros & Aidan Elliott

The School Council representatives meet regularly throughout each term.  Each class has two representatives. They meet to discuss important and current issues within the school and devise questions to take back to their classes. Council representatives are often asked to represent the school on different occasions for example they visited Stone St Mary’s Primary School for the first ‘School Council Academy’ meeting.

Digital Leaders:

Shannon Gill, Franki Watts, Max Seabright, Harry Thomas, Max Miller, Kai Boora & Jude Stonehouse

The digital leader representatives take a lead role within the school through setting up technological equipment for assemblies and preparing presentations

Sports Ambassadors:

Libby Ray, Max Seabright, Ryan Cordner, Francesa Stirling,Georgie Thomas, Ella Wilson and Sam Corps

Our sports ambassadors work alongside Mr Edwards and Mr Woodcock (our school’s sports leaders) They are encouraged to promote the Olympic values within the school and help ensure every child is included through setting up fun and exciting games at lunchtimes. These children take an interest in a range of sports inside and outside of school. 

Faith Leaders:

Jude Stonehouse, Ella Wilson, Francesca Stiling, Amy Gaymer

The Faith Leaders help the teachers and Father Ted to prepare the assemblies by choosing and reading our daily prayer, selecting the hymns to match the theme for the week and lead the classes into the hall calmly ready to begin their worship. The Faith Leaders also play an important role when we are at church by ensuring everything is ready and helping with any extra special roles. 

Eco Schools Committee:

  • Year 6: Abeyhan Worf-Dickens & Ryan Cordner
  • Year 5: Harry Edwards & Sonny Mendleton
  • Year 4: Toby Scott & Isabella Figueira
  • Year 3: Zack Figueira & Nejla Hoca
  • Year 2: Mia Lawrence & Harry Lucas
  • Year 1: Arthur Hensman and Isla Petherick

The Eco representatives meet every Tuesday lunchtime to help look after the school’s Eco garden. They grow their own plants, vegetables and help to look after the local wildlife by building their own bug hotels and filing up the bird feeders.