The school is divided into 4 ‘houses’.The houses are named in connection with our local links to Charles Dickens. Each house has children from every age group, from reception to Year 6. Each house has two house captains – their names will appear below when they are appointed during September.

Copperfield: Kai Boora & Henry Gaston

Havisham: Max Miller & Jolene Mottl

Pickwick: Sam Corps & Isabella Winter-Nolan

Nickleby: Joe Clarke & Harry Steggles

Children gain house points for demonstrating good behaviour e.g. good manners, a caring attitude, good effort etc. These points are added up with a weekly running total on display in the School Hall. The winning house is announced during each end of term Celebration Assembly.

House Points Totals

Week ending 7th December

                House                    Points
Havisham  712
Copperfield  892
Nickleby  674
Pickwick  756