Every Friday afternoon we hold our Celebration Worship. Certificates are presented based on our school Christian values of Resilience, Community and Respect to one child from each class.  Their names are shown below.

Celebration Worship – week ending 02/12/22

Class R – Max (Respect)

Class 1 – Lenny (Resilience)

Class 2 – Georgie (Respect)

Class 3 – Jude (Community)

Class 4 – Evelyn (Community)

Class 5 – Gabriella (Respect)

Class 6 – Lily (Respect)


Termly STaR Awards

At the end of each term we also recognise those children that have demonstrated our Christian Values consistently over that term.  This is a huge achievement and the children are rightly applauded for their amazing effort.  The recipients for each term are shown below.

Term 1 2022 Resilience Community Respect
Class R Rohan Joseph  Otillie
Class 1 Anna-Maria  Harry  Luna 
Class 2 Buddy  Annabel  Meadow 
Class 3 Dolly-Ann  Lucas  Edith 
Class 4 Olivia  Rosie  Gisella 
Class 5 Abigail  Jessica  Isla P
Class 6 Alfie  Mia  James 


Term 6 2022 Respect Achievement Perseverance
Class R Bobby Atilla William 
Class 1 Amber Eleanor Jon
Class 2 Jacob Aziz Hooper
Class 3 Teddy M Sebastian Olivia
Class 4 Millie Sienna Dab. Charlie
Class 5 Yusuph Zachary Mia
Class 6 Lily S Conan George