Every Friday afternoon we hold our Shining Stars celebration. During Shining Stars, certificates are presented based on our school Christian values of Respect, Achievement and Perseverance. One child from each class receives a certificate for one of our Christian values and their photograph is displayed on our ‘Shining Stars’ board in the hall, in our termly newsletter and on this page (see below).

Shining Starts w/e 5th April 2019

  • Class R – Teddy Martin – Perseverance

  • Class 1 – Charlotte Fry – Perseverance

  • Class 2 – Aidan Murkin – Respect

  • Class 3 – Mick Forbes – Perseverance

  • Class 3 – Harrison Elliott – Achievement

  • Class 4 – Isobel Atkinson – Achievement

  • Class 5 – Byron Clarke – Respect

  • Class 6 – Max Miller – Perseverance

Photos of those who have been awarded certificates and trophies are also displayed in school and their names will also appear on our web site. We also recognise and share achievements outside school such as sporting and music success.

Termly RAP Awards

At the end of each term we also recognise those children that have demonstrated our Christian Values consistently over that term.  This is a huge achievement and the children are rightly applauded for their amazing effort.  The recipients for each term are shown below.

Year R Ceccelia Smith Edith Kelleher Joshua Perkins
Year 1 Matilda Strutton Mila Khaira Arthur Hensman
Year 2 Selina Sidhu Halle Mills Harley Flockhart
Year 3 Jess Coeshall Ada Driver Cody Stone
Year 4 Penelope Taylor Emily Bridges Karam Randhawa
Year 5 Alex South Thomas Coeshall Reece Chase
Year 6 Niluxaan Balamurali Ryland Sharman Max Seabright

Term 3

Year R Teddy Winslade Darlie-Beau Asbery Tommy Webster
Year 1 Robin Roper Emilia Winter-Nolan Harry Chapman
Year 2 Yusuph Bokth James Britten Tommy Parmenter
Year 3 Bella Eaton George Cuckoo Dom Pamphlett
Year 4 Isobel Atkinson Sophie Breese Reiss Gill
Year 5 Lilly-Ella Amos Erika Wallis Jake Ledger
Year 6 Joseph Clarke Harry Lynds Amelia Rogers


Year R Emily Clutterbuck Jack Smith Henry Scadeng
Year 1 Sienna Dale Amelie Reason Sienna Haros
Year 2 Joseph Freeman Jake Miller Remy Diprose
Year 3 Poppy Winslade Bailey Roberts Mick Forbes
Year 4 Ellie Howard Finley Hensman Jaina Bahia
Year 5 Jacie Wilders Charlie Bateman-Solly Amber Hudd-Michaels
Year 6 Libby Ray Georgie Thomas Olivia Bell

Headteacher Awards Term 3 2019