Every Friday afternoon we hold our Shining Stars celebration. During Shining Stars, certificates are presented based on our school Christian values of Respect, Achievement and Perseverance. One child from each class receives a certificate for one of our Christian values and their photograph is displayed on our new ‘Shining Stars’ board in the hall, in our termly newsletter and on this page (see below).

Shining Stars w/e 8th February 2018

  • Class R: Lillie Clayden (Respect)
  • Class 1: Remy Diprose (Respect)
  • Class 2: Malcah Clarkson (Perseverance)
  • Class 3: Harrison Leeson (Respect)
  • Class 4: Cicely Smith (Respect)
  • Class 5: Ryland Sharman (Perseverance)
  • Class 6: Grace Wood (Perseverance)

To help our children understand our Christian values, we have linked each value to Bible stories to help them understand why we have our values.

  • Respect is linked to the 10 commandments, and we have focused on four particular one: putting God first, caring for other people, respecting property and telling the truth. These remind us how we should lead our lives and how we should behave in school.
  • For achievement we have looked at the Bible stories of David and Goliath and Moses crossing the Red Sea. Whilst we celebrate academic success, we are also focusing on personal achievements, such as helping others when they need it.
  • For perseverance we have looked at the Bible stories of the wise man and the foolish man and Noah’s Ark. Both of these stories show us that it is not always easy to achieve our goals and sometimes we have to have faith in ourselves when other’s do not.

There are also termly awards for children in each class for Respect, Achievement and Perseverance. Photos of those who have been awarded certificates and trophies are also displayed and their names will also appear on our web site. We also recognise and share achievements outside school such as sporting and music successes.