Mission and Values

Our Mission

Shorne Church of England primary school is an inclusive, rural primary school, committed to high quality educational outcomes through inspiring our children to discover the joys of learning in a safe and supported Christian environment. Through the provision of a rich and meaningful curriculum, which places a strong emphasis on high academic standards achieved through innovative, engaging experiences, our children develop the motivation to succeed. We place a strong emphasis on outdoor learning and sport in planning learning to develop the skills and attributes we believe are important for our children. The experiences we provide through the curriculum are designed to encourage our children to become curious, enthusiastic, resilient and confident learners, enabling them to make a positive contribution to the world in the future. School is but one element of our children’s experience and we value highly our work with families and community to foster a sense of moral and social responsibility.

Our Values

Our work will be guided through the following Christian values:

Respect – which develops a strong moral compass, embracing diversity and welcoming all faiths. Our children will grow to understand how important trust, honesty, tolerance and forgiveness are in their work with one another 

Achievement – we are committed to learning and teaching of the highest quality ensuring excellent outcomes for all children. Aspiration and joy in learning sit alongside achievement as we believe in the potential of all children to succeed. The God-given talents of all children will be encouraged and developed, recognising and valuing their unique worth

Perseverance – children will be supported to develop confidence and grow academically and spiritually through a range of challenging experiences. They will have the opportunity to develop the skills of resilience, tolerance, creativity, patience and forgiveness through facing their own challenges and learning new skills whilst working both individually and in collaboration with their peers.


British Values: Preparing Children for Life in Modern Britain

We take very seriously our responsibility to prepare children for life in modern Britain. We ensure that the fundamental British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of the school. All curriculum areas provide a vehicle for furthering understanding of these concepts and, in particular, our RE, PSHE and Citizenship lessons provide excellent opportunities to deepen and develop understanding. Children embrace these concepts with enthusiasm and demonstrate a good understanding of their application to their own lives. We make considerable efforts to ensure children have exposure to a wide experience beyond their local community through, for example, sporting events, a range of visits and use of outdoor education centres. This strong rooted, values-based understanding gives children an excellent platform for embracing differences.