Inspection Reports



The Summary of Key Findings from our most recent (2012) Ofsted Report

This is a good school because:-

  • Shorne School has effectively improved in all aspects of its work since its last inspection. Pupils make good progress throughout the school from their starting points in Reception, so that their attainment in the Stage 2 tests is above average.
  • Teachers motivate pupils well, including the emphasis on encouraging pupils to work things out for themselves and the way in which pupils’ writing skills are developed through topic work.
  • Pupils’ progress is checked regularly and well-targeted additional support effectively ensures that pupils of all abilities thrive.
  • Behaviour in lessons and around the school is good. Adults are consistent in their approach with pupils, and relationships are positive and friendly. Because pupils know that they are looked after well, they feel safe and secure.
  • The good curriculum engages pupils effectively and their well-being is underpinned by good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • The Head Teacher has successfully established a positive climate where initiative is fostered and teamwork is strong.
  • Senior leaders and the governing body use performance management effectively to improve teaching so that there are now examples of outstanding learning to form the basis for further improvement.

2012 Final Ofsted Report in full

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As a Church of England School we are also subject to regular inspections by the Anglican Church. Our most recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAS) was in January 2013. A copy of that report can be downloaded below.

SIAS Report January 2013

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