Class R - Rabbits

A very warm welcome to ‘Rabbit Class’.

Our teacher is Mrs Thornley and our classroom teaching assistant is Mrs Bond.

In Rabbit Class we will be following termly topics which are both fun and creative. We usually begin the year with a couple of weeks learning ‘All About Me’. The emphasis is on getting to know each other. We will then look at the topic ‘Why Are Carrots Orange?’ This topic links in with learning about different fruits and vegetables, healthy eating and Harvest festival. We look forward to sharing what we do with you on our class page.

The emphasis in Rabbit Class is having FUN and instilling a love of learning.

Arrangements for Rabbit Class in September:


dates time in school

collect from school at:

6th – 8th Mornings only           12.00
11th – 15th Mornings only 12.00
18th – 22nd Mornings plus lunch 13.30
25th – 29th Mornings plus lunch 13.30

From 11th September parents/carers can sign up/book appointments to come into school to discuss your child’s progress and settling into school. These will take place between 18th and 25th September.

Rabbit Class Newsletter September 2017


New Reception Class letter summer 2017